Monday, 5 March, 2007


Recently I had bought a notebook, whose cover contained a beautiful quotation, viz., “Don’t go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trial.” As you all are familiar that my writings are born out of Inspirations, hence forth this article too, adds up to the same.
It might look quite funny but if we observe in particular, we may find a new idea ready at our own hand that needs to be developed. Since, we are the busy creatures on the whole earth; we don’t want to waste our time observing what’s happening around us. And never question what’s exactly is happening. May be it because of fear about what people think about us if we question? Or may be is the fear of getting regarded as a crank prevent us to do so. Thus, we never dare to make a trial. We simply follow the rules or definitions quoted by some one else, just like the sheep following the herd.
Once, Albert Einstein was asked, “What you would say to science students?”
He replied without hesitation. “I would advise them to spend an hour everyday rejecting the ideas of others and thinking things out for themselves. This will be a hard thing to do, but rewarding.” To my belief, this is the soul secret of Nobel Laureates who do research on the same topic again and again thus deriving new logics every time they trial.
And I believe that, the human brain can be an amazing instrument, when it is forced to function. It can create a rocket to the moon, computer, sculptures, sky scrapers, pyramids etc., until it is driven to the hard job of thinking.
And, if we start thinking then we will automatically find logic or answer in the question itself. But do we really care?
Have you ever thought of such persons like these: About him, who had proposed the theory of gravitation when an apple has just dropped on his head; or about him, who ran shouting Eureka! Eureka! I found it! I found it, along the streets directly from his bathroom after finding the solution for how the ships float on water; or about these person who had discovered so called, America or about that person who has found the sea route to India; or about that person who had lead the whole nation for the achieving freedom.
Why were they successful? Were they different from us? And what is reason behind them to be considered till date? Isn’t it because of the burning zeal and desire in them for developing a particular idea or inspirations? Does one need to explain, “Great people don’t do different things, but they do things differently!”
Realize that, when we have an idea out of inspiration, we create a vision. And to create this vision, people have to get beyond their current inhibitions, they have to dream. Our willingness to create a new vision for ourselves is a statement o belief in our potential. And thus achieving starts with believing.
Got confused right! It is so simple; but a chain of series which is inter-related to one another. Out of inspiration we develop an idea, and from that idea we develop vision which further gives birth to desire (inner belief) of achieving the tasks.
But where we get confused is not the above series. It is because that we really don’t know what we want out of life. It’s not enough to say that I want to be happy, I want money or I want to be a better person. One must determine exactly “What one wants and when?”
To do this, write down a short summary of your goal and the achievement date put it beside your bed or adhere it to your ceiling and read it aloud to yourself every morning when you wake up. Vagueness is the invariable hallmark of the unfocussed mind. So, better get rid of it.
There’s no use pinpointing in life unless what you want it enormously. (No matter how great your words may be, you will be judged by your actions.) Day dreams and wishful wishes are not enough; there must be intense and burning desire. Nobody can put this hunger into you; you’ve to develop it yourself by constant, vivid imagining of the benefits that achieving upon your goal will bring. Unless you care, you won’t get there. When setting your goal, remember that unless you are willing to pay the price you’re wasting time.
That’s why, we all have to work; take chances, make sacrifices, endure setbacks. If we set a high goal, we will have to pay a high price. Therefore try to make trials. And achieve new things and set new dimensions thus help the society with your brains.
Thanks and regards,
Srikanth.C (H.C.U).


Raghuveer said...

Your message was really inspiring
I hope you will come up with more interesting inspiration stories like this


Thanks mr.raghuveer for writing a comment... plz, visit this site for new blogs every friday after my exams..

jitendra said...

Good article buddy...hope u come up with such articles in future also....

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