Friday, 15 June, 2007


I’ve heard many of my friends saying that they want happiness. Even for me, it seems like an impossible dream. I sometimes wonder and ask myself the question (as if I were asked by Shahrukh khan in Kal Ho Na Ho movie) that, when was it the last time I was been fully cheerful or say laughed soulfully? By now, I hope that you people might also be questioning yourself the same. Am I right!
Frankly speaking, I’ve totally failed finding a really convincible answer in the pursuit of happiness. Actually, I always break my heads to understand why we people behave foolishly searching for happiness instead knowing that it is with in us. But never dare wasting our valuable time listening to our own inner voices. Thus, we completely ignore it and make our lives complex in spite knowing, “One who wills can hear the inner voice.”
In “Anguthara Nikaya”, Gautama Buddha had stated that, “It is necessary for all, that some day we might become old; or some day we might fall ill; or some day we may die; or the things we love and treasure a lot will leave us alone. And thus, we are the one who stand solely responsible for whatever we do whether good or bad. And it is necessary fact that it happens in every one’s life, whether a day before or a day after but surely happens. No one can exercise his/her control on what is happening around us.” He stated it as a necessary ingredient of life because, if we fear of becoming old, then we tend to sacrifice the pride in youth; By thinking about death and ill-health, we can leave behind us the pride of being alive and staying healthy respectively. Therefore, he pledged us, to sacrifice the feelings of “Ego”. He asked us to remember that,“Nothing is permanent than Change”. Thus, it is the first step towards a blissful life where one leaves his/her ego for being beautiful,charming, handsome, rich,highly educated, or what ever and accept the changes that occur in his/her life.
The founder of “The Art of Living”, Guru Sri Ravi Shanker says, Laughter is the most invaluable property, we, the human beings have inherited. It serves as a good friend and keeps us free from stress. He says, when compared to a child who laughs more than 400 times a day, we laugh only 17 times a day. Thus, we have even restricted ourselves to feel the joy of life. Though we all know that, the problems never come to stay with us forever, still we worry. Remember, for every sunrise there is a sunset and for every sunset there is a sunrise; we too are blessed with a life cycle, which always changes. So, let us not fear about the obstacles that comes our way, because a pleasant smile of yours can reduce all burdens you have and smiling at problems makes us self-confident which in turn leads us to a successful living. Remember, that it is not the load that breaks you; it is the way that you carry it. Always maintain a positive attitude towards life which makes you feel cheerful always. Therefore, it must be noted that, being cheerful keeps up the spirit of the one who possesses it and brings smile to the lips of others. You all know a proverb which says, Smile a lot it costs nothing. So, laugh like a child and always try to be happy and stress-free. This is the second step to live blissfully
Our father of nation, Mahatma Gandhi says, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as it you were to live forever”. I believe that, there is no other alternative for this quotation. Because, worrying about future will make us anxious and thinking about past leave us depressed. Thus, in either ways, we may lose the most precious present life we are gifted with. Therefore, one has to live his life as if he/she were to die tomorrow. Live every moment possible to the fullest and promise yourself stay happily. I know saying this is quite easy but believe me, it is not impossible task at all. And of course, learning is an essential part of life, for both updating and secured life-style. In order to avoid redundancy in life, one has to learn from his/her past experiences, mistakes, and spend a lot of time in improving self because, where we come from isn’t nearly as important as where we are going. And believe me, if you understand this concept, then you will not find time to criticize others. If one does not poke his nose into the private issues of others (as we Indians often do) unnecessarily, then he/she will not find a reason to criticize others. If you don’t criticize others that itself means that you are leading a blissful life. And it is sure that you’ve found yourself. This is the third step towards a blissful life.
We consciously ruin our lives comparing it with others. Comparison is that vital ingredient which will never allow us to live happily. Richard J Harol, I believe stated that, “The Richest people are those who are contented with what ever they have.” Contentment and bliss go hand in hand. Both these qualities create a great fascination for you among others. But do we really care? In either ways, we want to be successful but not care for happiness, because we make a false assumption that money brings happiness. And for the sake of money, we are crossing the borders of morality and in one way or the other wanting make big money and become rich and famous overnight. This kind is very particularly seen in the employees of BPO’s and IT sectors. These people though earn a lucrative salary still are highly disturbed and unhappy souls on this planet. Every weekend they party expending the huge amounts but still can’t find satisfaction or say peace. And this all happens due to lack of contentment and of course due to comparison. (Why I said this, ask yourself!) Remember, if we don’t find peace (as peace always begins with a smile) within ourselves, then it is vain to find it somewhere else. If one compares him/herself with others for a better standard of living then there is no harm. But we are behaving like racing horses in the stadium named “Life”. There is no harm competing but it does matter only when we forget those human values and the real essence of life. So, better try not to compare your life with others. Believe in yourself, that you are unique by justifying that no two leaves of the same branch are alike. This is the fourth step to make your life blissful.
And finally, the best way to cheer you up is to try cheering somebody else up. This can be achieved only by serving others whole-heartedly. For instance, Saint Mother Teresa, who lead a blissful life serving the destitute and the poor. Does one have to explain that it was not the money which brought her fame, but it was her love, and caring attitude got her sainthood? It was her healing touch which gave an assurance to people that we belong to each other. Gandhiji said, “the best way to find you is to lose yourself in the service of the others”,as service to human is service to god. But do you think it is happening around us? Are we really feeling considerate about those people who need assistance? The answer is quite vivid. When the power medium of Communication, the Media itself is after making big money, which does really care? I hope it is the media which is the culprit for derailing us from the right track of life because it always tries to showcase the people who are rich and famous viz., politicians and film actors. For instance, is it necessary to telecast/ publicize Abhi-Ash’s marriage or say Rajni’s movie titled Shivaji. It is really a shameful act and thus it is crystal clear fact that, even the media is not interested focusing on the development of the underdeveloped things. Don’t feel I am going out of track, but it does also counts. Serving the needy will definitely make us feel blissful.
In conclusion, I would like to say that, each one of us are blessed with a right to live the way we wish. Follow what ever your heart says. Michael Nolan stated, “There are many things in life that will catch your eye; but only few will catch your heart. Pursue these.” Therefore, stop worrying and start living. And don’t just merely exist but live your life blissfully. As we all are equally gifted to live one life, so try to live it more happily as there is nothing more nourishing than happiness.

Thanks and regards,
Srikanth Chintakindi,
M.Tech (A.I.),
University of Hyderabad.


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I have read your friday gospels and they are really very nice. The article "HOW TO ACHEIVE PERSONAL FREEDOM" is really good i liked the way you have given us 9 golden points to be followed to make our life happy. Good work Srikanth..... I wanted to call you also but busy these days. I will definitely call you ok. The other article "LIVE LIFE BLISSFULLY" which you published last week is also good and excellent. Starting of the article is really excellent (Sharukh khan question) You have really done a good job...... and one thing from my side is a big THANK YOUUUUUUU you have really considered my suggestion and have implemented while writing your articles. That reflection has really made me happy.....

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Your articles are good and I can manage speaking English in a better way after reading your articles....I congratulate you on my behalf...

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