Friday, 28 March, 2008

Why Specialization?

**Note: This article is strictly not meant for people with B.C.A/M.C.A background and Graduates/Engineers with CS/IT. Still, everyone has the right to read this article and to comment/criticize.

Swami Vivekananda says, “In India, there are millions of people below the poverty line. Indians are striving hard to fill their stomachs. It is the educated youth who should find a way to eradicate the poverty lines and make the country self-sufficient. But, it’s a pure deceit.” It was quoted some where in early 20th century, but today the situation is still worse.

Don’t you know why it is worse? Is that India needs only software engineers or call center executives? It is really pathetic but one has to digest the fact that, a vast number of engineering graduates irrespective of their specialization are moving towards IT industry and ITES. It is tragic that, even specializations viz., Chemical Engineering, Metallurgy,, B.Sc, etc., are also given a chance to make it into these industry. Imagine, what a chemical engineer would do in software? My own sister is a classic example. Please do not mistake me as I am not criticizing the so called IT industry or ITES but, yes it is true that, I am criticizing all those who had done their specialization in some subject and working again for so called IT industry and ITES. I am also not an exception for this case but I’ve realized my mistake, that’s why I would like to share my views with you.

When I was working with Electronic based company in Hyderabad, I was paid relatively a less salary. I was happy not for being paid a less salary but for I am working for a company which is relatively closer to my graduate degree in engineering. I know that the letter “M” which stands for Money is vital in every aspect of life, but job satisfaction is also something that does matter. So, I was happy and not my family. Like every father, my dad had also asked me to join in some IT related course in order to see me as a so called software engineer. I take it pride to announce that I am a failure to fulfill the dreams of my father. It is not that, I can’t make it or I am not fit for software industry but I’ve realized what specialization does mean and especially what do I really need from life.

I am aware that, Engineering students are not facilitated with good laboratories and great faculties but still a student can excel if he/she undergoes self-realization and self-study. It is sad to state that, even IIT’s had not produced engineers who look forward to develop our nation in every aspect through their specializations and make our country self-sufficient. Some IITians who joined politics in Tamilnadu, some who joined Indian Industries and Civil Services etc., are exception for this case and I do salute them whole-heartedly, but, at the same time, I feel pity for all those highly educated who had flew to other nations. Please stop curtaining on these flew (flu) birds (in the name of foreign exchange reserves) who, gave first preference to their own comforts and not thought about the country. Patriotism does not necessarily means sacrificing life for the sake of country, but it does mean sacrificing self-comforts and thinking for the well-being of the nation.

As a soldier on the border who strives day and night to protect the nation in the spine chilling conditions from all external invasions or threats, so we the people should also take upon the responsibility to make our country self-sufficient by eradicating internal disturbances and threats. It is possible only when, highly educated youth, as said by swami Vivekananda, respond whole-heartedly. Mohan Bhargav, a character played by Shah Rukh Khan in the movie ‘Swades’ is just an instance. Unfortunately, I’ve not found any such Mohan Bhargav in reality, till date.

Golden were those days when patriotism itself was like flowing blood in the body of every human being, but today, we have completely forgotten all our unsung heroes? We remember Gandhiji because he is printed on the currency notes, it seems to be an irony but it’s a truth? They were all motivated and selfless people who had fought with existing internal disturbances and threats to attain self-sufficiency, but, it is a shame that, we had ruined and still are ruining it to a greater extent.

I also agree the fact that, IT/ITES industry is the only potential employer today but, what about the vacancies in other industries and government jobs? Aren’t we really competent to get those jobs? Or are we are afraid of the competition itself? It has been observed that, applicants are becoming extinct for other jobs, especially in the case of government undertakings whether state or central. To my belief, Government undertakings/PSU is the only place where one can justify his/her specialization. Please do not blindly blame that getting those kinds of jobs is pretty hard because money in the form of bribes is involved. To your knowledge, two of my friends had already joined them, one in HAL and the other in DRDO quitting their M.Tech without paying a single rupee as bribe. When they can make it why can’t we? I think it is no harm to pay bribe to get settled in a government job when compared with paying money to IT industry people for back door entries. Let me state that, the former job gives you peace of mind and security and the latter job, huh! God only knows.

My friends discourage me when I say them that I am applying for these kinds of jobs. Undoubtedly, they are well-wishers of mine, but, I don’t wish to be one in that herd of software sheep. This statement would make my friends angry but I am happy that, I had planned well to lead a life which I had had dreamt of. May be it also possible that, I may be one among them with changing times and situations but, I promise that, I will try my best to lead the life the way I like it.

By now, they all must have understood that, they have failed to convince me with the greed of worldly pleasures in the veil of pain. Buddies tell me frankly, have you ever tried convincing yourself? Just for god’s sake or say for your own sake, try to question yourself. Trust me, you will definitely find an answer, if you feel that you are really happy with your work then, I’ve no queries just go ahead and keep continuing and excelling in your own fields, but if you’re not, then I must remind that, still you have many possibilities and opportunities waiting at your own doorstep, go grab it. For this what you have to do is just sit back, rethink and try to justify or discover your own self first.

In my conclusion, I would like to appeal all the educated youth not to fling you into troubles by making a wrong option as it is a matter of whole career and life. Better, sit back for a while and plan for a suitable career related to your specialization and discover the ways to serve your nation. To me, “Serving one’s own Nation itself is totally equal to sacrificing life in the warfront.”

Thanks and Regards,
Srikanth Chintakindi.


ravikiran1983 said...

What u mentioned is absolutely right. People from different specializations coming to IT sector. But here u have to know one thing, IT Sector is not an independent one, it has tight relationships with other sectors like finance, telecom, media, Electronics, even with bio and chemical areas. Eg: To develop an application for in the field of BIO Science, we need both IT and BIological people. Samecase, to develop a banking application we need commerce/econmic professionals too. SAP is an ApplicationSoftware provides job opportunities to people from many sectors.

A simple example is, have u ever observed that IT companies working on projects for clients which r from the fields like CHemical, electronic.,mechanical. in that case software companies definately requires professionals in their respective fileds.

NOTE: Dont think like , all the people moving to IT Sector doing same kind of work. They will work in differenet kind of domains/technologies. IT Softwares just are the interfaces(middlewares) to rescpective fields.

SO my friend, this is the main reason behind for IT providing jobs for different sectors people.

what u say.

sinivaali said...

Buddy, I already said that I am not criticizing IT industry.
I also said, that the Manpower is required in Government jobs too, which people are neglecting becoz of M.
I have also mentioned ITES, where engineering graduates are joining as call center executives.
I ve mentioned, Chemical engineers, and Mechanical Engineers who are mostly required other than IT industry, may be they are required in this too, but, the necessity of them in other petro industries, and government organizations is high when compared.
I ve never mentioned that all IT stuff is doing same work, as I ve pretty knowledge of what's going over there..but, I was sad because, engineering specializations are not utilized in a proper manner.
I think I've answered you. Still if you have any query please feel free to write back to me.

Minkowsky revamped said...

Well.. this post of yours has brought out a few but important points about this so called IT boom that our country has been witnessing for the past few years.. Even I have had been thinking on similar lines and I agree with whatever you have said.. After all, its not all about money.. But I don't blame it to the students either!! The point I want to make is this.. In India the so called societal commitments are far more, due to which one loses sight of his own identity or goals in no time.. and add to that the thing called peer pressure, you are trapped!! I think there has to be a clearcut long term goal in a student's mind and as long as thats not forgotten, i believe its okay to work in a company for the initial years..

Nice post..

haramol said...

Post is good, but some more analysis is done at

there are more on similar topics here

Anonymous said...

Mate you need to come out and see the reality. You need to even bribe to get an attender's job. You need to pay for even a constable's job. The reason why take bribe is because they have bribed someone to get that job. Getting a job at HAL and DRDO is different, these government owned research firms. And these firms can only hire qualified people, they cant just bribe to and getting Engineer post, without doing an Engineering degree. Police department is the toughest to get job and then Tax dept. So dont just say anything blindly. It's not like you have done any research, you are just saying out of the blue. Get a grip on reality. Quit writing such non sense and contribute to the society, if you really have that intention. Or else do not waste your time, others time and electrons by posting such rubbish.