Friday, 31 August, 2007


Last week in Hyderabad city, there were two bomb explosions which killed over 45 people. May it be the reason of Terrorism or anything but it had caused a huge human loss. These days, it has become a daily routine for those who explode bombs. Every part of the world is shivering just because of terrorism. For instance, 9/11 at twin towers and 7/11 at Mumbai last year. In such conditions, people are feeling fearsome to trust their own co-human beings. Do you know why actually it is happening? If you ask me, I would say that, we have completely lost the guts to question back. This is the sole reason why we can see such incidents occurring. I will explain you how.

You all may be aware of a popular fable of a herd of sheep. A shepherd was traveling to other cities with a herd of sheep. At the end of the day, the shepherd thought of staying at an Inn. But he was worried about his sheep. He thought, that the sheep will be lost if he don’t tie them. But at the same time, he had a small rope with which he couldn’t be able to tie at least a single sheep. But, some how, carrying the same small rope, he went to the herd of sheep and pretended as if, he were tying the sheep together. Actually, he didn’t tie any of the sheep but pretended that, he tied all the forelegs of sheep together. Next day in the morning, he came back to his sheep, and gave a hard push. The sheep stood steadily as if they were tied to each other. Again, the shepherd pretended untying the sheep which he never tied. Now the sheep moved freely and followed the herd or say the shepherd.

Now, it might have become crystal clear about what I’m going to speak today. Yes, you are correct that, I’m going to speak about the necessity of questioning back which we never try to do. Friends, let me tell you one thing first. No one of us (human beings) is perfect. We all do think alike; No one thinks more than what others think. It is the implementation which differs and yields results but remember, all of us think in a similar way as the sheep does. We people have developed a tendency to follow and not to lead and to our fate we have chosen leaders who misguide us.

May be, the zeal of questioning back should start from the budding or say sapling state. When children ask questions, we do neglect answering them and thus, we kill their enthusiasm to question why it is happening as such. And even if we do answer also, we never tell them it is not final. We never try to convince ourselves that there might exist yet another answer or say answers. To my belief, nothing can be concluded with cent percent accuracy. If one concludes, then there exists no research further.

It’s not the government which should be stood solely responsible for such kind of incidents. Government is nothing but people, we the people who govern us. Did the government employees come from planets or are they gods? No right! They too are humans like us, and they too don’t have the sixth sense to tell where the next explosion is going to occur. The terrorists think that, government had become deaf so an explosion might be a remedy to make it hear their voice. Is it really a remedy? Who are they killing? Are they killing the corrupt system or innocent people? If they want to make the system listen to their demands do they really have to cause human loss? Why people have forgotten that there exist Gandhigiri too (through which we can solve the problems)? There’s a popular saying, “If you know what hurts you, you know what hurts others”. And it’s true that, the terrorists are unaware of the same.

In the name of religion or say what ever, some organizations are hiring unemployed youth to cause huge destructions. Youth is much fascinated because they are frustrated being unemployed or say the leaders of such organizations are misguiding them in the name of religion and making them as their weapons. They are making them suicide bombers and since youth is highly distracted in nature, they are utilizing them to such an extent that the youth is completely forgetting the essence of ethics. Thus, developing hatred towards society, government or say what ever, the youth has become the major weapon for such organizations who stands responsible for what ever destruction it occurs. That’s the reason why, I’ve already said that, we are like the sheep who love to follow the herd and not lead, and to our fate we have leaders who mislead us.

Is there any solution for this problem? Definitely, to me, “there exists a solution for every problem”. It’s we who have to implement it. It should start with one’s own self. One must question him/herself back about how his /her actions affect the society. One must answer about what he/she does when questioned without hesitation or say the truth. It looks practically impractical to practice but friends it is never an impossible task too. If one goes wrong, let it the President of the country, question back why he/she did so, (if possible)? {I’ve used the term if possible, because, earlier, President Dr. Abdul Kalam used to respond if questioned; I don’t know about Mrs. Prathiba Patil}Or ask your representative (MLA’s or MP’s) to question from your side, after all, you’ve chosen them. Because, one can’t say that the whole system is corrupt. It’s you who have to choose the genuine person who listens to you and speaks for you.

If you do practice it from the budding level, say from schooling, college or whatever or where ever in the society, the habit of questioning back; then believe me, you’ll be the creator of new theories. Because, if you can’t find a perfect answer, I know, you will definitely strive hard to find one. But please beware that, the answer should not harm the society where you live. Finally, I don’t want to conclude this time, as I usually do in my every article because, I want you all to think about the cause and effect and then implement the same for the welfare of the society.

Thanks and Regards,
Srikanth Chintakindi,
M.Tech (A.I.)
University of Hyderabad.

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It’s very interesting Sri.



rajase said...

It is thought provoking. I had few more things to add to this

1)Most of us are really Passive in the sense we dont raise our voice when we see something wrong being done .

Reasons what i personally feel are
1) We often do the same mistake
2) We are afraid that we ll be in spotlight

I have other opinions of being questionable when u say that it must come from budding. It can be cultivated and it would be nice to hear from you as how to cultivate habits of being questionable and
how to face challanges.

I admire your concious effort in motivating people. Hats off..

Raja Sekhar.P

Wajahat said...

Mind Blowing Article! Thats what i should call down to earth.
I deeply appreciate ur views on recent serial bomb blast in Hyderabad. What I personally feel is that every religion cares humanity, and therefore it tries to make people a with good values and a responsible human being.Every citizen should inculcate a habit of identifying their responsibilities and work accordingly without any errors.
We cannot blame politicians for any incident, as u truly said "politicians are just as a normal human being" instead we need to understand at priori and work accordingly.
Nice work! I would like u to continue inspiring the youth by ur articles.

jitendra said...

Really inspiring article srikanth...

Avinash said...

thought provoking article ...