Friday, 24 August, 2007


You all are familiar that, Monica Bedi was imprisoned. During she was in jail, she had taught her co-prisoners Yoga, Dance etc., She had a self-realization about what she did in her past and had prepared herself a set of goals that were to be achieved when freed from jail. Here, please do not mistake me, because I’m not going to write her biography but friends, I had took her life as an instance to explain you the key features of Human Life which we consciously are trying to forget.

There’s a popular saying that, “You don’t know the value of a Well, until its Dry”. This quotation is merely enough to explain you, what I am going to talk about this week. It’s true that, we the human beings are consciously ruining the human values and forgetting rejoice of being alive. To support my statement, I would like to talk about Telecommunications. Though it’s annoying but still true that, Telecommunication world had completely ruined the emotional attachments of the people. Earlier there used to a situation where people used meet each other in person to know the well-being of each other. They used to travel far distances and meet their relatives, friends, or whomever concerned just to greet each other and to have a get together.

Today it’s completely otherwise. Here people celebrate many-a-number of day’s viz., Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentines Day, Friendship Day etc., and all exported from foreign cultures. If you ask me, I would question you; do we require all this sort of nuisance making days? In India especially, do we need to celebrate a mother’s day? Isn’t it sarcastic? What ever may be the reason but, here too, telecommunication world rules! It’s really pathetic to state but, millions of SMS and Calls are being made to greet each other or say one’s own parents on what so ever day it is! It’s tragic that, the day is not far when people make conversations from the same home from different phones.

You have got all the rights to argue with me that, at least this way they are bound to each other, but does it really matter? Isn’t there any difference between parents feeding their children making sit on their lap and telling stories and suggesting their ayah’s to feed their children?

I agree that, we too must change with the changing world. But do we have to change ourselves to such an extent that, we forget the human values and Indian Culture which is respected all over the globe? Even in rural India, we can see the people moving faraway from the bonding they used to have with their own blood (relations). This appears to be an irony but, people are highly attached to their television sets than to their own relations. In cities, most of the Children are abused, molested, and drew away from the love they are supposed to get, and to my surprise, school going children are completely unaware of the games we used to play in our childhood like marbles, flying kites etc., sports and games are completely getting out of sight may be due to heavy home works or say addiction to television. And the same is with the case of the old people who are abandoned and are made to stay at old age homes.

If we behave with our elder and younger generations in such a manner, don’t you think that they too will impose on us the same rules, when we grow older? Friends, as Newton says, that “For every action there will be equal and opposite reaction”, we must all be aware of such reflections. We must never ill-treat any unprivileged human being and now, while there’s time, I plead one and all to take care of the relationships whatever, we have, viz., love, friends, parents, grandparents, children, neighbors, people in the society or whatever and try to spend some time for them, because beware, in the way up, we must not ill-treat people as, we have to meet the same while the way down.

We spend a lot of time for our own welfare and think less about the society. It’s no harm, as there is a proverb which says, if you cannot help no problem, but please do not hurt anyone. It’s our duty to attend well to the society by helping the unprivileged people. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve to contribute your money. A healing touch is enough, or say, a few soothing words too work only if you can spend a little amount of time to discuss with people sharing their sorrows and joys. Believe me, if you talk to the people, you can see a smile on their lips. Don’t stick to the Television sets when you’ve time. Talk to your own family, you need not have to go searching for the people to talk. You can give happiness to your own parents, if you discuss with them, let they be some petty/silly issues. Don’t feel irritated, talk freely and whole-heartedly. And now, while there’s time, you can become emotionally attached to your relations. People, once if they trust you, develop an intimacy to share their sorrows and joys unhesitatingly. Be a friend of society.

Get more out of your weekend. Many of you might be having two holidays per week. Utilize it fully. Learn new things or the things you love the most. For instance, I was very passionate about dance, but due to my lazy attitude, I had been postponing it since a long which made me lose complete interest as now. Don’t let this happen in your case at least. Involve yourself in the activities that gives you rejoice. Do charity on one day and spend the next whole day for yourself. Or say, if you’re good at painting, don’t let your art die. Who knows you may also become as familiar as M. F. Hussein is!. Practice your skills, learn new things, and don’t let your weekends go in vain. Now, while there’s time, utilize it to the fullest. Enjoy the life to the fullest and enjoy rejoice of being alive.

Finally, in my conclusion, I also plead you all to teach others what all you have learnt. If you know that teaching means learning twice, then, please never let your skills get vanished with you. As in the beginning, I instantiated Monica Bedi, who taught her co-prisoners yoga and dance, you too, take some time out to teach what you know, to the people who do not know. For instance, if you know kuchipudi dance and you teach it to someone, it will become immortal, and you’ll never find time complaining that performing arts are vanishing! Don’t let your skills die. Now, while there’s time, utilize the same for the benefit of the society.

Thanks and Regards,

Srikanth Chintakindi,
M.Tech (A.I.),
University of Hyderabad.


amjad said...

Wonderful re Srikanth.... very good

srikanth chintakindi said...

thank you amjad

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