Thursday, 7 February, 2008

Book Review of “The Present”

After reading one more inspirational book of his, titled, “The Present”, I have become a die-hard fan of Dr. Spencer Johnson. As Lord Shri Krishna is for Arjun, so is Dr. Johnson for me. In “The Present”, he revealed the simple truths of life very efficiently and magnificently. What ever has been written is nothing new or unknown to us, but the way, he explained is truly praiseworthy. We deny these things consciously, and never dare to experiment life, though, people like Johnson writes to motivate us.

The Present is also a parable of the present what you give to yourself. It is a story about a young man who discovers what the present is. Since his childhood, he used to observe an old man who was calm, serene, happy and successful. In his mentorship, the young man, becomes wise, learns a lot, and implements the same to become happy and successful. The young man, who was going through terrible troubles in his life, viz., break up with his girlfriend, not getting promoted in his work etc., gets this precious and invaluable gift from the old man. And, in order to unfold the present, the young man takes time out for himself by visiting a mountain place of his friend to rejuvenate and discover what the problem is? When he succeeds in finding a solution, returns back to work and implements what ever he had learnt from his experiences. Dr. Johnson explained each and every part associated with the present excellently by query, what if it happens like that, and what if it does not happen in the way we guess; thus, making the readers stick to the book till the last page, has given a master piece to the society.

It is also a must read book as I told in the case of “Who moved my Cheese?” I gave a very brief summary of the above tiny book, as I don’t want to spoil your joy of reading by explaining in totality in advance. In conclusion, I can only suggest you reading such invaluable books to find the real treasure of literature and apply it for the betterment of life, but it is solely up to you whether you really want to get benefited or not.

Thanks and Regards,
Srikanth Chintakindi
M.Tech (A.I.)

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nagasri said...

This book is very much useful for self motivation. After reading it surely u will get to know the value of "The Present".