Wednesday, 21 February, 2007


Last weekend, I suppose, on the day of my fresher party, one of my seniors, (in her address to all junior students of M.Tech), requested, “To repay something back, or say, contribute for the good and benefit of the Society and Department as well, from what ever we learn from the University.” Being inspired by her speech, I jotted down to explain the necessity of “Contribution”.
Once, Albert Einstein in his writings quoted, “A hundred times everyday I remind of myself that my inner and outer life depends on the labours of other men, living and dead; that I must exert myself in order to give in the same way as I have received and am still receiving”. Undoubtedly, he is the Man of deeds and not of words. (“A Man of Words and not of Deeds is like a garden full of Weeds”). He proved himself practically; he contributed a lot to the society. Even today the formulae he invented are still in practice, that itself proves him to be a legendary.
As I have always been saying in my every article to “Question Yourself” is applicable in this case too. (Say, if Albert Einstein has not questioned himself, would he be ever successful to make his contribution to the society). No matter how much you are going to contribute, but realize the necessity of contribution to make our society a better place for existence.
Here to support the above statement, I would love to furnish an anecdote (A short account of a particular incident or event of an interesting or amusing nature) of a squirrel in one of the epics, the Ramayana. Though it was fully aware of the fact that, it cannot afford to carry large stones on its back, but still throws the smallest mud particles possible in to the largest ocean on which the construction of a bridge was going on (and thus, makes its contribution and manages to attract the attention of Lord Sri Ram).
Isn’t this anecdote enough, to teach all of us the necessity for contribution, and make us remember our capabilities. And aren’t we such small squirrels, who can also dare to repay back from what ever we learn (for the betterment of society). Though, countless problems in the society exist resembling the largest ocean, still we have to build up the solutions by our own. And being social animals (remember, society is watching on us), it is our own duty to prove ourselves in this regard.
But the problem here is that, though we have the burning zeal and spark with in us, guiding us always to be good and do well; but when it comes for practicing, this spark gets drowned and turns to ashes. (Don’t you agree with me?)
Have you ever thought sincerely to contribute? If not (realized it till date), then start it right now, by questioning yourself that, “How can I make my society a better place for existence? And how best can I contribute for its betterment?” Try implementing with dedication (like Mother Theresa, who needs no introduction – “Helping hands are holier than praying lips”) and never expect something back again. (“Karman yeva dhi kaarashyay maa phalay shu kadhachana” says Bhagavad-Gita which means do your duty and don’t expect the fruits from what ever you do).
Stop criticizing the people who are making their contribution. It is the general human tendency, or say, Indian psychology itself, to first count the bad, and then only to count the good. Never try to discourage people those who contribute, encourage them always irrespective of who ever they may be. May it be a saint, or may it be a common man, treat all equally (not because of favoritism or criticism) and appreciate their efforts if possible and if you can. Abraham Lincoln said, “He has the right to criticize who has the heart to help.”
In my conclusion, I would like to say that, contribute whole heartedly, (not expecting anything back) though it gives an immediate effect (when you contribute clothes, money, food, at the times of natural calamities) or gives an after effect (when you pledge your eyes “”, body parts “” etc.) apart from cultivating hobbies like donating blood even once in three months if possible or at least once in a year and gifting your old (torn out, unused) clothes of to the children at orphanages or juvenile homes etc., There are “n” number of organizations working for such noble cause of “Contribution”, so, if you cannot contribute directly, assist them at your leisure time, and thus, feel better, and, feel contented.

Thanks and Regards,
Srikanth.C, M.Tech (A.I.),
University of Hyderabad.

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