Wednesday, 21 February, 2007



On the other day when I was having lunch, one of my seniors asked me, “Being gifted with many skills, why aren’t you successful in achieving good GPA at semester exams?” Then I questioned myself, am I a failure? So, from this point of view I have thought of focusing on failure stories (good column appears every Sunday in Andhra Jyothi newspaper, where celebrities talk about their failure stories).
Why failure is never pleasurable? Is that because, it hurts all alike? Or the person who fails in an attempt is considered to be of no good?
But to my belief, Failure can make a positive contribution to your life, once if you learn to use it. For some optimists, it is the stepping stone for success, and for some pessimists, it is a huge mountain of obstruction.
If you know how to use it, then there arises no disappointment and you will be ready to strike again striving for success.
Step one is to, Question yourself, “Why did I fail?” and “Where did I went wrong?” and “What next, how I can improve myself?” If you start thinking in this manner you will find many answers ready at your hand. Start analyzing from the right beginning the causes responsible for your failure. Start working on it once again, and do it right now, because, “Success is getting up one more time than you fall down”.
Step two is to, Resist yourself, the natural impulse to blame some one else. Stop blaming others, it is your failure and you are the person who is solely responsible. And always remember that you can be winner only if you are willing to walk over the edge. Let people talk ill of you (as they usually do) when you get failed. Remember that, “you are not finished yet when you are defeated; you are finished only when you quit”. So, never quit from the race, “if some one speaks ill of you, let your life be such that no one believes him”.
Step three is, if some one else can help, don’t be shy of inquiries. Failure is the real good friend or teacher of ours. It unveils the truth or reality of the people. It makes us learn the real essence of life and also helps us to make us meet with the best friends who stand by us in such times.
Last step is that, one should allow oneself to experience the disappointment. Then only we can help ourselves to master it. Though, Success, encourages repetition of old behavior, is not nearly as good teacher as a Failure. You can learn from a disastrous event how to give a good one but not from the successful one.
In conclusion, I would like to say that, Failures does not mean the end of life; but it is the real start or a beginning. You are gifted with one more chance to prove your talents and give your best. So, never feel hurt, start working on your failures right then.

Thanks and Regards,
“Sinivaali”- Srikanth.C (HCU)

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