Wednesday, 21 February, 2007


One among my friends is a Doctor by profession. Being a doctor he is always busy with his patients and medical books. So, I never used to interfere in his matters through any kind of interaction as I am aware that his time is precious. (Of course, not only his, but Time of each one of us is equally precious and an old Zen Proverb says, “No day comes back again; an inch of time is a worth a foot of Jade”.) And once, he invited me for a lunch at his home and then immediately after that we had to drive to a charity home where he asked me to accompany him to carry some paintings with him.
I was surprised to see painting after lovely painting on the walls of his house and the charity home where we made a visit. I found a similarity in painting styles and as you all know that I am good at questioning, could not resist myself but to ask him “Who did these?”
“I did” said the doctor.
Knowing his long hours of duty and his heavy responsibilities, I again questioned him, “But how on earth do you find time to all these?”
“Find it”, he sputtered, “I don’t find it, I take it”.
His answer made me spell-bound completely. He became my role-model from then onwards, as he wanted me to realize the amount of time I have been wasting for a long, asked me to accompany him to the charity. Then he added a quotation of Leonardo Da Vinci, that, “Time stays for long for those who use it” and requested me not to use my time for unnecessary things as “Time” according to the Greek Philosopher Theophrastus, “is the most valuable thing a man can spend!”.
Now, all of you might ask me that don’t we know that Time is Money? Or don’t we know that time and tide waits for no one? Yes, I completely agree with you, but friends have you ever realized it soulfully. If so, then this article is not meant for you as you all are spending your time purposefully. But if not, I want to question you that how often; instead, do we let time spend us? Have you ever thought what else we can do about it to spend our time for a proper cause meaningfully? How can we really live with in 24 hours a day?
Ask yourself the questions like, Did I ever spent 15 minutes on a park bench, simply sitting quietly watching the squirrels or birds, which can refresh me for the rest of the day? Or do I have any creativity that can lead me cultivate a hobby that can kill my sheer boredom or give happiness/bliss to my soul when I get over tired or depressed? Or am I watching the beautiful nature around me, viz., mountains, trees, lakes, ponds while I travel in train/bus/cab?
I believe that for every problem there exists a solution and it exists in the problem itself. But to seek answers we again have to depend upon “time” to question our own selves. So, from now at least, take time out to sharpen your creative skills underlying in you, cultivate hobbies like painting, dancing, writing, collecting coins, notes, stamps, autographs, perfume bottles, match boxes, pens, erasers, etc., playing games like chess, Sudoku, crosswords, etc., and even reading books (I swear that a book is the real friend of us in the times of depression or loneliness) etc.,
Ask questions to yourself, like what I did on the other day at doctor’s home. I felt ashamed and also got realized the value of time. The doctor had left me such an impression that from then onwards time had started chasing me like tyrant. And thus I started reading books (which ever comes to my hand). And through this hobby of reading books, I cultivated one more hobby, of writing. (Such boring articles you are reading now.) (i.e., to write this little, I do read a lot, not only me, a great number of people including great personalities read. For your information, Pandit J.L.Nehru was found with a book under his pillow on the day he died. Thus, reading is an excellent habit to cut-off your distress or depression, you need not have to consult a psychiatrist as a book a day keeps psychiatrist away.)
In conclusion, I request you all creative genius people that you all take time out – that restores the lilt and zest to your living. Try to cultivate some hobby which is for some good to strengthen your personality and to the benefit of society too. Please, do not waste your valuable time watching television sets as it might kill your creativity and adds to your depressions.

Thanks and Regards,
University of Hyderabad

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